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18.6.2019 00:27

Ex-soldier ranted ‘a storm is coming’ before opening fire on Dallas courthouse and getting shot dead by cops

A FORMER soldier in tactical gear opened fire on a courthouse in Dallas today before being shot dead by cops. Brian Issack Clyde, 22, has shared a creepy video on Facebook warning “a storm is coming” just days before carrying out the attack. Footage shows how he was carrying a high-powered rifle and five 30-round […]

18.6.2019 00:02

USA: Gunman shot dead by police in Dallas courthouse shootout

media thumbnailSubscribe to our channel! Police opened fire and fatally shot man who had opened fire at Earle Cabell Federal Courthouse in Dallas on Monday. Footage shows police, other security forces, and sniffer dogs securing the area with a bomb squad robot reportedly heading to check suspect's vehicle for explosives in the parking lot. According to the reports, the assailant, now identified as 22-year-old Brian Isaack Clyde, was clad in tactical gear, carried a rifle and several magazines. He was wounded on site and was later pronounced dead after being transferred to an area hospital. Video ID: 20190617-047 Video on Demand: Contact: Twitter: Facebook:

17.6.2019 23:50

From Elon Musk to Bill Gates, here are all of the notable tech billionaires who jet around the world in private planes

Gulfstream G650ER

Of all the status symbols out there that billionaires could use to flaunt their wealth, owning a private jet may be one of the most lavish choices. Billionaires, like Richard Branson and Elon Musk, are often known for their crazy purchases. When you can afford to spend $80 million a year on average, you have the luxury of being able to drop millions for investments in items that the average person could never dream of.  A common purchase among billionaires are private planes. Having a private jet for quick and easy travel may be especially valuable for high-powered executives and investors who may need to be on the other coast that same day.  Here are some of the notable tech billionaires who own private jets:SEE ALSO: Here's where the world's most influential tech CEOs went to college — and what they studied Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos, the richest man in the world, owns a plane through his holding company, Poplar Glen. Source: CNBC Bezos' Gulfstream G650ER jet seats eight people, and cost an estimated $65 million. Source: Business Insider Investor Mark Cuban owns three jets. The billionaire said in a 2017 interview that owning a private plane was his "all-time goal, " because "the asset I value the most is time, and that bought me time." Source: Money Cuban actually put himself in the Guinness Book of World Records when he bought his first plane, a Gulfstream V jet, in 1999. His $40 million purchase set the record for the largest single internet transaction. Source: CNBC In addition to his Gulfstream V, Cuban owns two Boeing Business Jets. He purchased a Boeing 757 to act as the private transportation for the Dallas Mavericks, the NBA team he's owned since 2000. He also owns a 767 that he rents out for chartered flights.

17.6.2019 22:45

Dallas gunman flashed ammo, warned of approaching ‘storm’ in bizarre Facebook posts

enclosure imageA gunman who opened fire on a Dallas courthouse on Monday morning shared photos of ammunition and warned of an approaching “storm” on Facebook days before he was killed by police in the firefight. Clad in tactical gear, the masked gunman Brian Isaack Clyde, 22, opened fire with an assault rifle around 8.50 a.m. on...

17.6.2019 22:42

Masked gunman killed after shootout at Dallas courthouse

media thumbnailA masked gunman opened fire Monday on a federal courthouse in downtown Dallas before being fatally shot in an exchange of gunfire with federal officers, witnesses and authorities said.

17.6.2019 22:18

Man hid bombs in teddy bears across South Carolina

enclosure imageWesley Dallas Ayers, 27, is currently serving 30 years in prison for planting three real bombs and three fake devices across Anderson, South Carolina in January and February last year.


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