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15.12.2019 14:07

Destroyed by appeasing his enemies: The Shakespearean tragedy of Jeremy Corbyn

Neil Clark on promise of real change that Corbyn brought in the first years of his Labour leadership and how it all went horribly wrong

15.12.2019 12:08

Ken Livingstone says Jeremy Corbyn made no mistakes in election but Labour lost because of ‘smear campaign’

DELUSIONAL Ken Livingstone has claimed Jeremy Corbyn made no mistakes in the election. Mr Livingstone said Labour lost because Mr Corbyn suffered a “vile smear campaign” over the party’s anti-semitism crisis. IN DENIAL The former London Mayor said the leftie boss had been attacked for being a “genuine socialist” before denying the party had a […]

15.12.2019 11:17

Jewish Chronicle lied in reports on “Labour anti-Semitism”

The UK’s main press regulator has condemned The Jewish Chronicle for making “significantly misleading” claims about alleged anti-Semitism in the Labour Party

15.12.2019 09:00

Anne Frank Center accuses Donald Trump of anti-Semitism and Holocaust denial

Overuse has taken the sting out of the accusation. Now the Anne Frank Center has further reduced its impact by accusing Donald Trump of anti-Semitism!!

14.12.2019 22:06

I, for one, am against anti-semitism because ...

The claim that 'Jews control the world' is completely and totally fallacious. Brainwashed liberal sheep who are 'against anti-semitism' because it's 'wrong' and 'insensitive' to question or be against anything only discredit opposition to anti-semitism. And to add insult to injury, leftists with their neo-nazi buddies go on to hijack legitimate opposition to perversions of judaism, such as zionism, with their leftist, socially libertinistic & anti-semitic white supremacist nonsense. Gone are the days of critical thinking. Anti-semitism is now 'wrong', not because it is built on lies, but because it's anti-anything and it's fascist and bigoted to be against or set yourself against anything. Everything must be embraced.

14.12.2019 21:55

Student who sued NYU for anti-semitism: Trump has ‘empowered’ Jews on campus

enclosure imageWhen Adela Cojab Moadeb sued NYU for campus anti-Semitism, college leaders shrugged. It took the US president to do something about it.

14.12.2019 20:47

Is it OK to haul dual citizens serve in Congress with access to above Top Secret

Many of the members of Congress involved with moving the impeachment forward have dual citizenship with Israel - to include Adam Schiff. These same members have access to quite sensitive national security intelligence. Is this right? The question is posed regarding dual citizenship with ANY country - not just Israel. This in not an anti-Semitic thread. Don't turn it in to one. This thread poses a legitimate concern and question for all Americans.

14.12.2019 20:35

Israel welcomes Belgian parade's removal from UNESCO list

Israel welcomes Belgian parade's removal from UNESCO listIsrael on Saturday welcomed a decision by the U.N.’s educational, scientific and cultural agency to drop a famous Belgian carnival off its heritage list after protests over displays of anti-Semitism. Israel’s rare appreciation of UNESCO came a day after the organization removed the Aalst carnival from its Intangible Cultural Heritage list.


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